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Text Box: Flushing Pheasant Natalie
Registered: AKC FSS & UKC
Sire: Kingdom Come Hairy
Dam: Murphy Brown of BJM
Born: December 8, 2007

    Natalie is available to be re-homed as well. She presents a unique need for a home that will offer her one on one time with her family. She has a high prey drive and is ball crazy!! 

    Natalie would make the perfect partner in flyball, agility, or drug dog. She needs a job! 

    She is athletic, standing at 11 1/2” tall and has a broken coat. She smiles and will chase water coming out of a hose. If you swing the water around, she will follow the droplets and fly through the air! She is very fast and extremely smart but needs more than we can offer her. She does not get along with cats unless the cat is willing to stand up for itself and swipe her on the nose. If it turns and runs, she will chase it and can and WILL climb a tree after it. That being said, put her abilities together with her smarts, her size & her athleticism and you’d have an awesome athletic partner on your hands! 

Call me if you are interested in Natalie. She is available to the right person.
719.343.5569, $ is negotiable.
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