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Text Box: Why do we care about the breed?
Several reasons:
1. Let others know about the wonderful attributes of this breed!

2.  Show folks the constant 
entertainment these little guys provide and how they make life wonderful!

3. For hunting and all of the other useful things they can do! 

We pheasant hunt with these guys! (They are right on the bird’s level and travel under the brush so the bird sees them coming! That’s when the birds get up and fly! It’s a beautiful thing!) 
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September 3, 2014


Text Box:      Below, check out Jesse, a shorty Jack Russell Terrier. He has a repertoire of over 200 tricks! You can follow both he and his handler (aka “Mom”), Heather Brook, on facebook too! Click on him below and be taken to a couple of his many videos on YouTube! He is awesome! And so is Heather…  Enjoy!
Cutout Flushing Pheasant pictureText Box: Super Dog Program I use the Bio-Sensor Technique or Super Dog program with all of our pups! This represents a series of early neurological stimulations that are performed on a daily basis from the time the pup is 3 days old until they are 16 days old. 

For more information on this valuable set of exercises that was researched and created by our own military around WWII when they used dogs on the front line, click on the dog with the snail to the left.

The reason I choose to use it is because it not only makes our pups more mellow when they are older, it is also wonderful for the long-term health of the pup. Combined with our interaction with them, our pups are typically more mellow and well-rounded individuals that make wonderful family members! 
Text Box:     Flushing Pheasant Russells is located on the state line of Colorado and Kansas.  We feel so blessed to be able to live out here in the country! 

    Next to the picture of Annie and Bentley (as pups) is an aerial photo from several years ago, before our ongoing drought.  The property is very similar, though with a few less pine trees. We have added fruit trees where we lost the smaller pine trees and get peaches, apricots and apples in the spring/summer. The property also has mature cherry and apple trees, crabapples and lilacs as well. It’s beautiful and the pheasant and dove populations thrive here. 

    I have had a JRT in my life since 1988! I know this breed well… the sky is the limit when it comes to things you can do with a Jack! They are truly a go anywhere, do anything kind of friend! Crockett is my first Hunt Terrier but I can tell you from my experiences with him, he is brilliant and seems to be softer in temperament than the Jacks are! Just guessing, the addition of the bull terrier strains several decades past added some stockiness to the breed that the Hunts don’t seem to have. Having said that, the Hunts are in the process of being developed and some appear stockier than others. All in all, both breeds offer something for everyone! They are small enough to fit underneath an airplane seat and their smarts make them big enough to do just about anything as long as they are with YOU because this is the A-#1 motivator for these breeds.
    Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or a home body, the JRT can do whatever you do! They LOVE to be with their family and are very eager to learn! They have the brains to be able to learn whatever it is you want to teach them! Skateboarding, Boogie boarding, Skydiving, Hiking, Camping, Tricks, Boating, Surfing or Sailing… they can do it all! Even if you are not an outdoor enthusiast and just want a pal, they are happy to be that too! They do need a little more exercise and also need to be regularly challenged more than your average lap dog and that is why the Jack Russell Terrier is not a dog for everyone. The Hunt Terriers fall into this category as well.
    Call me anytime to reserve a pup or just talk about Jack Russells, Hunt Terriers, NuVet Plus or anything on this site.
Thanks so much for stopping by!

Please Note: Jack Russell Terriers are NOT for everyone!


  This breed is extremely intelligent and can be taught to do just about anything! Keep things interesting and you’ll have a friend for life!

  This breed
requires constant stimulation in the form of challenges . They are like having a 2-3 year old around. If you don’t give them something to do, they will create their own fun. Many times their idea of fun is not fun...to us!

Click on the globe and it will stop the rotation. Now that you’ve visited our site, a mark has been added in your honor on the map. Enjoy!

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     Flushing Pheasant Russells (Russell Terriers) are all UKC or AKC registered, giving you the option to show, compete, use as a working dog, or to simply own a top quality companion pet. These lovable little guys require a lot of attention and interaction. The Hunt Terrier is much like the Russell Terriers in size, temperament and personality but they have some unique differences as well aside from just color. Pam at Kingdom Come Ranch has Hunt Terriers. Pam and I occasionally have partnered on a few dogs which is why I mention her here.

     We strive to better the breed with temperament and conformation and a flexible chest being high priorities.  We have all types of coats on both breeds (Russells & Hunts):  smooth, broken and rough. We also get all colors… brown/white, black/white and tri-color too!  The Hunts are either black/tan, all red, black or a combination but they all have very little white which is acceptable. Our Russells and Hunts all live and play with us in our home right on the  Colorado and Kansas state line. They eat, sleep and exist in our environment and not in individual crates stacked from the floor to ceiling. 

     Why? Because these little dogs LOVE to be WITH their family! Not just NEXT to their family!

     Being the perfect size, both the Hunt and Russell Terrier really ARE a “go anywhere, do anything” kind of friend.
Puppy prices range from $600-$750 (depending on bloodline and conformation, etc.)  At times, we may have  adults or older pups available. The adults make wonderful companions and are commonly housetrained [to our house and our routine] but getting them trained to your home and routine doesn’t take very long. They are SO smart!

   The Russell breeding reflects their mellow temperaments, but their prey drive is just as high as their cousins ~ the Parson Russell. So exercise is paramount!

                      See my explanation of the differences by clicking here.

Click on either Bentley or Annie’s picture below to find more information about this breed!

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Text Box: Did you say Black and Tan JRT’s???

   Just when you think you have most of the answers… someone changes the rules! About the ‘more than white rule’ on a Jack Russell is correct but this breed is called the American Hunt Terrier and it comes in black with tan or red points. Other colors that are acceptable are red, lemon or red and black. As a matter of fact, the original Hunt Terrier is older than the Jack Russell Terrier! The original Hunt Terrier is so closely related to the Jack Russell Terrier, it is documented in the history books as being one of the breeds that was the foundation of the Jack Russell Terrier breed right next to the now extinct English White Terrier breed!


   A handful of breeders are developing and perfecting this breed and have organized a parent club so they may gain more recognition for this “new” form of the original breed. Kingdom Come Ranch (KCR) and Flushing Pheasant Russells have agreed to work together and are in that group of breeders. We feel honored to be a part of such a high caliber of breeders. Several specimens of the “new” Hunt Terrier are being imported from Germany, Ireland, Holland and England.


   The original Hunt Terrier was used to develop several other breeds in the late 1800’s and was a larger dog, more along the size of a Fox Terrier. In Germany, they were called the Jagdterrier (pronounced as “Yack-Terrier”) but that original line fizzled out in the mid~1950’s. For more information on this loveable breed, please either go to their parent club’s website at http://www.ahtca.org/History.html, call Pam and ask her about her Hunt Terriers at 303-916-0433 or to continue reading about this developing breed, click on the pup in the motorcycle helmet up above!


   I’d like to thank the American Hunt Terrier Club Association for the pictures used here. Interested in a pup?
Call Pam @ 303-916-0433 for Hunt puppies

Tawny T Toad


It was the toads, we believe that ultimately won in the end. This year, they were prolific due to all of the moisture that we’ve received.


Our little girl gave up the fight early this morning. She will live on in Spirit, roaming the tree rows of our property and in each of our hearts.


A warning to those of you who have toads where you live. Tawny was notorious for biting the toads each spring. We’d laugh because while never killing or even maiming them, she’d come in dazed and confused… a little like a cat that consumed too much cat nip. But she’d always snap out of it in time… until last night.


We believe that she ingested a few too many babies and she passed early this morning;

September 3, 2014.

The toads secret Bufotoxin out of glands on their backs and can actually kill a dog that comes into contact with it which I unfortunately didn’t know until today.


We loved you and we’ll miss you Miss Tawny– forever and ever.